SKF Electric Motor Condition Monitoring offers the Baker line of static motor tester/analyzers as well as online dynamic analyzers capable of continuous monitoring. Used around the world in predictive maintenance activities and motor repair shops, SKF's instruments use industry-standard tests, including surge, which reveal issues with motors, generators and transformers long before an actual failure occurs.

RDI’s patented technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration not visible to the human eye. The results lend themselves to a visualization of the motion. We can measure and quantify any structural assets that a camera can see. Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects subtle motion then amplifies that motion to a level visible to the naked eye which enhances the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion.

Commutator and Slip Ring manufacturer and GE Parts Distributor. We are not a production facility where commutators and slip rings are created at the push of a button. We custom design and build every single product. We use only materials which meet the most stringent specifications, and our proprietary processes capitalize on the hundreds of years of combined experience that our machinists and craftsmen bring to ICC.

Bearing Service is the largest independent Michigan-based distributor of bearings and power transmission products. Bearing Service is focused on helping MRO & OEM customers by educating their employees, servicing hard-to-find products, and helping them to manage their inventories. We’ve been offering premium service & expert solutions since 1943.

Kerr Pump & Supply is a major supplier and manufacturer of pumps, heat exchangers, custom fluid and heat transfer package systems and related equipment in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio. As a supplier, we represent major national brands of liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, heat exchangers and related process equipment, carrying 3 million dollars of inventory.

Fusion Babbitting Co. has been repairing and manufacturing babbitt bearings since 1989. We have 47 employees and a 40,000 square foot facility. We specialize in bearing repairs for all rotating apparatus, and can spincast up to 7000 lbs. with a 72.0" outside diameter. Fusion offers 24-7 outage service.

ITT Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. PRO Services is a sister brand of Goulds Pumps and provides a wide array of aftermarket products and services to improve customers' equipment total cost of ownership. One of the products is the i-ALERT2 Bluetooth Equipment Health Monitor, a revolutionary product that allows customers to identify potential problems before the become costly failures.

Reliability, Process, & Maintenance "RPM" Symposium  -   September 17 & 18, 2019

Since 1987, Pro Services has provided world-calss skilled trades and maintenance technician services to industrial, commercial, and residential customers nation-wide. We are a learning organization focused on continuous imporvement based on our customers' advancing technology. We work for you - harder and smarter.

RPM Symposium

UE Systems manufacturers and supports ultrasound instruments used for condition monitoring and energy conservation programs. These portable instruments are used to locate electrical faults such as arcing, tracking, and corona, in open access and enclosed equipment, trend the health of mechanical equipment such as motors, gears and pumps, identify early warining signs of faulty bearings, find compressed gas and vacuum leaks as well as test for faulty steam traps and valves.

Since 1983, PdMA Corporation has been the foremost leader in the area of predictive maintenance with the MCE, Emax and MCEmax motor testers. With the release of products such as the MTAP2, MTAP3 and software MCEGold, PdMA Corporation continues to challenge and change current industry standards..

Manufacturer of carbon graphite brushes, brush holders, and constant force springs for motors and generators. Also, the bearing protection kits utilizing silver graphite brush technology.  Helwig Carbon Products is a family owned business celebrating our 90th anniversary. 

Reliability Concepts is a supplier of vibration analysis tools for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Reliability Concepts is also the manufacturer of the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool(R) and supplier of laser shaft alignment solutions.

HECO’s Predictive Service Group (HECO PSG) provides on-site maintenance and reliability services for industrial facilities. Our engineers and technicians are experienced in a wide variety of equipment and associated technologies. From setting up and running predictive maintenance programs (PdM) to performing corrective actions such as balancing or alignment, HECO PSG has the experience that you can trust to help you keep your plant up and running.

Electro Static Technology, a division of Illinois Tool Works, was founded in 1984 specializing in conductive micro fiber conduction technology and acquired by Illinois Tool Works Inc. in 1999. Specializing in the application of conductive micro fibers to solve static and stray voltage problems, we manufacture the patented AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings for rotating equipment and electric motors.

Today, in industrial plants and systems around the world, many millions of Siemens motors are ensuring motion and efficient operation. In all sectors, applications and performance classes. Starting with energy efficient low-voltage motors through motion control motors with a high dynamic performance up to DC motors and powerful high-voltage motors. Through ongoing and persistent innovation, Siemens has always been able to prove its competence when it comes to electric motors. For instance, just recently with the development of a high-speed, high-voltage motor with up to 15,000 rpm in the Megawatt range.

Please see the below information on all of the companies that are helping to make the RPM Symposium possible.

HECO is the industry’s “why” company. We specialize in custom systems that optimize the performance of the entire electric motor driven powertrain. When you tell HECO you’re having a motor problem, we want to find out why. Why did a failure occur? Why didn’t you know about it ahead of time? Why is a new motor really needed? Why isn’t the right spare on hand? We then use the answers to develop custom solutions through our repair, new equipment, predictive, and spares services and products.