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Reliability, Process, & Maintenance "RPM" Symposium  -   September 18 & 19, 2018

RPM Symposium

A Cry for Help and a Shimmy & Shake

                     Presented by: Jason T. Spettel, Predictive Services Manager, Cat III Vibration Analyst
                     Adam Smith, Reliability Specialist, Cat II Vibration Analyst

Case studies of a resonance issue and a noise complaint. The first presentation will demonstrate thinking outside the box for a cost-effective vibration solution to a resonance condition. The second presentation will show how a vibration issues can also be determined through sound.


AC Adjustable Speed Drives Motor Basics

                     Presented by: Robert Meilinger, Account Manager, Siemens Industry; Adjunct Professor, Technology Kalamazoo

                     Valley Community College

This class will discuss some of the key details required in applying AC motors on Adjustable Frequency Drives.  The seminar will explore the inherent differences of applying an AC Induction Motor on across the line service vs. VFD.  We will explore the effects on motor insulation life, heat and harmonic concerns and the ability to supply the rated torque and current needed to power your applications.   We will also touch on the different types of applications and their specific profiles.


AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings – Bearing Current Mitigation for Rotating Equipment

                    Presented by: John Shepherd, Midwest Regional Sales Manager - Electro Static Technology/AEGIS
Conductive microfiber electrical discharge machining bearing damage prevention technology for rotating equipment


Asbestos – The Current Situation

                   Presented by: Mark DeLisle, CEO, DeLisle Associates, LTD

What is the current status of asbestos regulations and the industry.


Babbitt Bearing Repair & Manufacture

                  Presented by: Mark McKindley, Sales Manager, Fusion Babbitting Co. Inc.

Following the process of repairing Babbitt bearings. Quality, service, centrifugal casting, Babbitt grades, inspection process (UT-PT). Machining and other industry related services.

Bearing Maintenance and Installation

               Presented by: Dean Burcroff, Branch Manager, Bearing Service Inc.

Discuss the various types of ball and roller bearings.  Understand the construction, types, features and applications of each.  Basic fundamentals of loads, fits, and best installation practices.


Benefits of Wireless Machine Health Monitoring

             Presented by: Bill Kilbey, Chief Engineer, Waites Wireless

Comparison of the technical value and economic benefit of wireless machine health monitoring compared to hard wired, route based systems


Carbon Brush & Holder Technology Update

                Presented by: Bill Clark, Representative, Helwig Carbon Products

This presentation will cover the basics of carbon brushes and how they are manufactured. It will also cover brush holders and constant force spring pressure and how they all interface for successful operation. It will cover commutator condition, proper filming, and troubleshooting the whole sliding electrical contacts system.


Common (Preventable) Causes for Electric Motor Failures

                Presented by: Todd A. Hatfield, VP Engineering & Repair, HECO – All Systems Go

This seminar will walk you through some of the most common failure modes of AC Induction motors. We will review a few critical items such as: assessing the failure, detailed information gathering & investigation for proper evaluation,          prevention of common failures, and close with case histories of real failures


 Coupling Fundamentals

               Presented by: Dean Burcroff, Branch Manager, Bearing Service Inc.

 Learn the basics of shaft couplings such as function, types, and applications.  We will teach the difference between rigid and flexible couplings along with the types of misalignment each coupling will allow.


Electrical Equipment Reliability Using Ultrasound & Infrared

                Presented by: Adrian Messer, Manager, US Operations, UE Systems

Ultrasound and infrared technologies are a perfect match when conducting inspections of energized equipment. At any voltage, thermal anomalies and sources of ultrasound such as tracking and arcing can occur. Corona can also occur at 1000 volts and greater. Any of these conditions threaten the reliability of the equipment being inspected.


Electrical Signature Analysis of VFD Applications

                Presented by:  Howard W. Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP
                                      •President, MotorDoc® LLC
                                      •Vice Chair of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
                                      •Chair of the Government Affairs Committee and Cybersecurity Sub-Committee of SMRP
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE PES Materials Standards Sub-Committee
The use of Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) can be used to detect electrical and mechanical issues in electric motors and driven equipment in VFD applications.  In addition, conditions surrounding the proper application and setup of the VFD and grounding system can also be determined.  In this presentation we will discuss a case related to bearing and shaft failure surrounding a variable frequency drive application that utilized both ESA and vibration to determine the root causes.


Electric Motor Forensics and the Modern Electrical System

               Presented by:  Howard W. Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP
                                      •President, MotorDoc® LLC
                                      •Vice Chair of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
                                      •Chair of the Government Affairs Committee and Cybersecurity Sub-Committee of SMRP
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE PES Materials Standards Sub-Committee

The all-elusive ‘lightning strike’ winding failure may be something other than what you think.  In this case study we will walk through the steps in which the forensics surrounding multiple motor failures in a specific application led to some truly surprising findings.  The root causes turn out to be more common that most would think and explain the growing number of ‘unexplainable’ winding failures and a number of simple cures.


Energy Reductions through Filtration

                Presented by: Denny Metz/Andy Zook, Camfil USA

Learn how a change in filter brand can reduce energy consumption, lower labors and disposal while increasing overall IAQ benefits.


Embedded Machinery Condition Monitoring

                Presented by: Jeff Sullivan, Product Manager, ITT Goulds Pump Inc.

A brief overview of new condition monitoring sensor technology and wireless advancements followed by a discussion of ITT’s i-ALERT2 condition monitor product.


General Camfil Filter Solutions

                Presented by: Dennis Metz/Andy Zook, Camfil USA

General filter 101 with proven case studies and examples. ISO 16890 testing to replace MERV rating information.


How to Properly Justify your PdM and Overall Reliability Program

                Presented by: H.P. Slater, PE, CMRP, Manager, Training; Reliability Consulting

The justification and implementation of a strong/effective Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program is integral in developing a successful reliability program.

Understanding the key elements that are foundational to success is important and is critical to long term results.  However, if these key elements are neglected or not properly implemented, it can potentially cause the program not to achieve the expected results over the long term.

Starting with the determination of where you currently are with proper KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is very important.  Understanding your current availability, throughput rate, and quality level establishes the initial baseline for beginning the process.

Additionally, what are the goals for the future?  Having a clear understanding of management’s expectations is important.  Is the current state acceptable or where does it need to be?  Also, linking your KPI’s directly to financial results is critical.  Showing the impact of improving and maintaining higher levels of reliability will increase profitability and will reduce unnecessary expenses.

All shown in financial terms the language of management.


Importance of Oil Analysis & Test Slate Overview

                Presented by: David A. Kirkwood, Business Development Manager, TestOil

The importance of Oil Analysis, sampling best practices, determining the best Test Package for the application and what those tests look like in the lab.


Linear Motion Basics

               Presented by: Dean Burcroff, Branch Manager, Bearing Service Inc.

Attendees learn to identify the different round rail products, understand advantages of profile rails and plain lined bearings.  Class also discusses ball screws and actuators


Machinery Belt Alignment

                Presented by: Mike Olszewski, Owner, Reliability Concepts

The most common reason for unplanned downtime of belt-driven machinery is pulley misalignment. Correcting the misalignment is only part of the solution, and identifying the root cause of misalignment is often overlooked. This presentation will explore underlying problems with belt driven systems and how to identify and correct the faults using a dual laser belt alignment tool.


Managing Electric Motors for Reliable Service

                Presented by: Todd A. Hatfield, VP Engineering & Repair, HECO – All Systems Go

2 Hour Session! This seminar will discuss the “industry workhorse”, the AC Induction Motor; and how it works; the various component parts and how these components can vary in design and shape to produce a multitude of specific designs that work for a variety of applications. We will also discuss operating abuse and what to avoid to improve reliability.


Overview of Centrifugal Pumps

                Presented by: Bryan Raftery, Sales Engineer, Kerr Pump & Supply

Basic understanding of centrifugal pumps, pump curve overview, operating a centrifugal pump with a VFD, avoiding motor overload, & troubleshooting a centrifugal pump.


Reluctance Motor Technology: Permanent Magnet efficiencies without the costs of Permanent Magnet motors

                Presented by: Scott Miklavcich, Motors Business Channel Manager – USA, Siemens Industry

Energy costs continue to exert pressure on companies endeavoring to remain competitive. An optimized reluctance motor solution could be the answer.  A review of the latest advance in a Power Drive System (PDS) capable of near permanent magnet efficiencies without the permanent magnet costs.


The War on Talent

                Presented by: Curt Petersen & Michelle Mei – Pro Services

Finding the right talent for the job has always been a constant struggle and is one of the most critical issues our industry faces today. Pro Services is the one-source solution to help manage labor resources and provide customers with the best talent in the industry. Whether it's major capital projects, shutdowns, or managing an entire production maintenance team, Pro Services has the talent that can get the job done efficiently and professionally. Maximize your core production focus while we provide the talent to keep your lifeline running.


The WIIFM of Physical Asset Management Programs: Creating Sustainable Maintenance

                Presented by:  Howard W. Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP
                                      •President, MotorDoc® LLC
                                      •Vice Chair of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
                                      •Chair of the Government Affairs Committee and Cybersecurity Sub-Committee of SMRP
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
                                      •Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE PES Materials Standards Sub-Committee

ISO 55000, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, RCM, physical asset management, root cause analysis, OSHA, NFPA 70E, maintenance optimization.  We all have heard these terms repeated in countless articles, presentations, blogs and emails.  Through all of the noise, the real purpose of physical asset management is how to get the most out of a physical asset with the budgetary resources provided to a maintenance and reliability organization.  From a C-level, leadership has limited resources to provide within an organization and must apply those resources with the intent of providing a service or product at a best cost.  Expense-related departments are balanced against departments that are seen as providing either a direct return, such as production, or feedback to decision-makers, such as IT.  In this opening presentation Dr. Penrose will discuss the different approaches to What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) that can be approached by the maintenance organization to demonstrate the impact of programs on the corporation.  These approaches include: energy cost reduction and the resulting green footprint; extension of the asset life-cycle; reduced and maintained levels of production defects or availability; the relationship of safety, reliability and insurance costs; and, optimization and automation of maintenance programs.  How do you best determine the approach at your organization to support the long-term objectives of your maintenance and reliability departments?


Trifecta of Motor Maintenance

                Presented by: Harold Joyce, Regional Account Manager, PDMA Corporation

Electric motor fault zone analysis, Quality control of motors, trending electric motors test data, End of life troubleshooting.


 What is Motor Management and How Do I Do It?

                Presented by: Mark S. Hatfield, President – HECO

Motors are inherently reliable but over time they do need to be repaired or replaced. When motors fail, organizations must act quickly to get them running again. The decisions you make when a motor fails can significantly impact on the future reliability and efficiency of your equipment. This presentation outlines a best practice approach for dealing with complete motor decisions. This approach will enable you to act decisively when a failure occurs, with the confidence that your decisions will improve the performance of your spare and in-service motor inventory and provide maximum return for your organization.


What is Vibration Analysis?

                Presented by: Adam Smith, CMRT, Reliability Specialist, HECO Predictive Service Group

To provide a basic understanding of what vibration analysis is and how it can be implemented into your facility. How it can benefit your facility (equipment longevity, savings, scheduled downtime, etc...) Also, how to select which equipment should be surveyed.

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