Reliability, Process, & Maintenance "RPM" Symposium  -   September 17 & 18, 2019

RPM Symposium

Please see the below information on the agenda for the event as well as the educational/product sessions that will be presented:

AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings - Bearing Current Mitigation for Rotating Equipment
Presented by: John Shepherd, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, AEGIS dba Electro Static Technology, An ITW Company

Conductive microfiber electrical discharge machining bearing damage prevention technology for rotating equipment.

Applying Variable Frequency Drives with Motors
Presented by: Robert Meilinger, Account Manager, Siemens Industry; Adjunct Professor, Technology Kalamazoo Valley Community College

This class will discuss some of the key details required in applying AC motors on Adjustable Frequency Drives.  The seminar will explore the inherent differences of applying an AC Induction Motor on across the line service vs. VFD.  We will explore the effects on motor insulation life, heat and harmonic concerns and the ability to supply the rated torque and current needed to power your applications.   We will also touch on the different types of applications and their specific profiles.

Basics of AC Electric Motors
Presented by: Rick Drake, Channel Account Manager, Motor Business Unit, Siemens Industry, Inc.

This presentation will cover the basics of AC Induction Electric Motors. Starting with motor terms, acronyms, electric concepts, motor principles, motor construction, and different motor types.

Bearing Installation and Maintenance
Presented by: Dean Burcroff, Branch Manager, Bearing Service Inc.

Discuss the various types of ball and roller bearings.  Understand the construction, types, features and application of each.  Basic Fundamentals of loads, fits, and best installation.

Bearing Lubrication
Presented by: Dean Burcroff, Branch Manager, Bearing Service Inc.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of grease versus oil lubrication.  Discuss grease compatibility and characteristics of greases with different bases.  Provide direction on proper grease fill of bearings for different applications.  Present an alternative to conventional grease and oil lubrication for bearings.

Centrifugal Pump Operation and Troubleshooting
Presented by: Robert Kalfs, VP of Sales, Kerr Pump and Supply

Basic understanding of centrifugal pumps, pump curve overview, operating a centrifugal pump with a VFD, avoiding motor overload, & troubleshooting a centrifugal pump.

Common (Preventable) Causes for Electric Motor Failures
Presented by: Todd A. Hatfield, Sr. Electrical Engineer, HECO – All Systems Go

This seminar will walk you through some of the most common failure modes of AC Induction motors. We will review a few critical items such as: assessing the failure, detailed information gathering & investigation for proper evaluation, prevention of common failures, and close with case histories of real failures

Commutator Manufacturing, Problem Identification, and Solutions
Presented by: Jason Trimarchi/Micah Stair, Business Development Manager, ICC International

This presentation will cover types of commutators, manufacturing process for each type, commutator issues and solutions for those issues.

Condition Based Monitoring for Random Cycle Machinery
Presented by: Michael A. Olszewski, President, Reliability Concepts

One of the most difficult challenges for vibration analysis and machinery condition monitoring is on machines that have cyclic or demand driven operations.  These include machines such as Robots, Bridge Cranes, Drag Lines/Shovels, Elevators, Conveyors, Hoists and many others.  Due to the generally slow operation and large displacement operations, conventional methods are difficult if not impossible to use for these applications. Mike O will explain the challenges, considerations and how to effectively deploy condition monitoring for these applications.

How to Evaluate your PdM Program in Today’s Environment
Presented by: Jason Spettel, Predictive Services Manager, HECO – All Systems Go

There is a need in today’s environment for optimization and continuous improvement in the predictive maintenance (PdM) process. This need is based upon increased reliance on PdM to contribute to low unplanned downtime, prevent significant equipment failures, reduce resources for maintenance, incorporate new technologies and advanced information management, and manage the risk associated with maintenance activities. This presentation provides a glimpse into what factors should be evaluated to achieve an optimized PdM program.

Leveraging IIOT data for improving asset performance
Presented by: Jeffrey Sullivan, Global Product Manager, i-ALERT, ITT Goulds Pumps Inc.

How to use IIoT to improve efficiencies, cost savings & productivity. There are practical approaches to IIoT that leverage technology without being overly complicated or budget busting. Leverage the technology that is out there to give you better insights to your equipment.

Maintenance Data is everywhere – What do you do with it?
Presented by: Mark Hatfield, CEO, HECO – All Systems Go

In today’s world we have access to data from everywhere, how do we use it to our advantage and make our life easier? From data on what your installed base of equipment is to repair/failure historical data. Equipment diagnostics, IIoT, predictive maintenance, production costs & downtime, specifications on new equipment, etc. It’s all data! What do you do with it all and how do you track it?

Making Reliability Lean and Mean…
Presented by: Harold Joyce, Regional Account Manager, PDMA Corporation

If times get tough…the tough get going. If the recent decade has not presented you or your company with some tough economic times, then you are blessed and highly favored. For the rest of us faced with maintaining a high reliability standard to ensure a competitive bottom line for our company the following information should be helpful in getting the most out of your electric maintenance budget.


  1. Electric motor fundamentals
  2. The trifecta of electric motor maintenance
  3. Fault Zone Analysis of electric motors
  4. Reliability after the retirement boom
  5. Monitor motors, focus on faults


  1. Identify the three keys for basic application of technology to trend and troubleshoot your electric motor
  2. Learn the standard communication protocol for identifying the root cause of electric motor faults.
  3. Discuss methods of dealing with reliability needs following the large reduction of personnel resources through retirement.
  4. Evaluate technologies and philosophies like test access panels, automation, and integration to maximize the efficiency of your onsite resources and provide secure easy access to offsite resources for analysis. 

Partial Discharge Detection Using Surge Testing with Resistive Division
Presented by: Sean McCall, Regional Manager, Central United States, SKF

Partial discharge (PD) causes progressive degradation of insulation and other components in high voltage motors, transformers and generators. Detecting PD early can reveal damage that would otherwise be invisible, allowing maintenance technicians to plan ahead for the asset's likely failure. This presentation describes PD and the methods used to detect it, highlighting the benefits of PD on Surge testing through resistive division.

Power Transmission Basics
Presented by: John Masek, Sr. Vice President, Bearing Service Inc.

An overview of the fundamental principles and formulas of torque, speed, and ratio will be reviewed. Review belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, and couplings, discussing the features and benefits of each.  Basic nomenclature for each type of component will be discussed, along with popular variations and new product innovations.

Precision Machinery Alignment Made Easy
Presented by: Michael A. Olszewski, President, Reliability Concepts

Machinery Alignment can be difficult and present a variety of challenges.  By utilizing various tools and techniques these challenges can be easily overcome and precision alignment can be easily achieved.  Mike O will explain the types of problems encountered and refer to real life experiences and how they can be resolved using practical methods.

Repair & Manufacture of Babbitt Bearings
Presented by: Norb Hoff, Outside Sales Engineer, Fusion Babbitting Co., Inc.

Detailed description of the process Fusion Babbitting follows in the remanufacture of Babbitted bearings.  Also is a brief history & overview of Fusion Babbitting.

Reverse Engineering & Retrofitting a Large Synchronous Motor for a Steel Mill
Presented by: Todd A. Hatfield, Sr. Electrical Engineer, HECO – All Systems Go

Learn how we reverse engineered, retrofitted and redesigned a 5250HP Synchronous motor (As a fully functional spare motor) for a steel mill application, without removing the original motor in operation. Re-engineering and rebuilding the motor to function electrically, the same as original, & physically/mechanically retrofitting/adapting it to the original application… Resulting in saving the customer over half a million dollars in the process!

See Vibration through a New Lens
Presented by: Dan Nower, VP-Business Development, RDI Technologies

Motion Amplification is changing the way reliability teams troubleshoot vibration issues on rotating equipment and structures. It allows users to see – in real time -  motion previously invisible to the naked eye. This allows plant personnel to better monitor critical operations affecting reliability and uptime. Motion Amplification technology takes much of the guesswork out of vibration related problems, reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot, and assists you in communicating vibration issues in a universal language that everyone can understand – video. 

Sliding Electrical Contacts Technology Update
Presented by: Bill Clark, Sales Representative, Helwig Carbon Products

Carbon brushes, brush holders, and constant force springs all interface for reliable operation of motors and generators.  This program will cover these components, plus commutator condition, filming, and troubleshooting the entire system. 

The War on Talent
Presented by: Molly Petty & Kelly Russell, Pro Services

Pro Services will discuss the ongoing struggle that companies face finding the right people for the job. With rapid changes happening in our industry, PRO has developed proven processes to find the best talent available. 

Tips on Making the Right Choice When Buying Refurbished Motors
Presented by: Geoffrey Brewer, Director of New Equipment Distribution, HECO – All Systems Go

In this presentation we will be discussing the ways in which used electric motors are redesigned to fit existing applications, the normal steps taken when trying to apply a used motor to an existing application and some of the pitfalls to avoid when buying a refurbished motor. We will start with a broad look at the used motor market, and narrow the focus down into a step by step walkthrough of how anyone can take a used motor and retrofit it to an existing application. Furthermore, we will address some of the negative stereotypes surrounding used motors and some of the best practices buyers can use to ensure the motor they ordered will provide reliable and efficient service.

Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication
Presented by: Dean Wolever, Regional Manager, UE Systems

Airborne and structure-borne ultrasound has evolved into a technology that many would consider to the the cornerstone of an effective condition based maintenance program. From compressed air & gas leak detection, electrical inspection, and various mechanical inspections, ultrasound is truly a versatile tool for anyone’s CBM “toolbox.”

Vibration Measurement Techniques With Respect to Bearing Race Defects
Presented by: Christopher J Woodward, Reliability Specialist, HECO – All Systems Go

Vibration analysists are trained to analyze and diagnose bearing defects, typically applying only one fashion of diagnosis and seldomly applying other means.  This topic will introduce and compare four different types of vibration analysis techniques in relation to bearing race defects.  These techniques include Velocity FFT Plots, Acceleration FFT Plots, Demodulated FFT acceleration Plots, and PeakVue acceleration Plots.  Early and accurate detection of bearing defects is a major part of being a reliable and well informed vibration analyst.  This topic may give people the knowledge they need to use the tools they already have at their fingertips and to start using these tools in the field to build a better vibration program.

Kickoff Presentation: Why Reliability Leadership in the Information Age
Presented by: Dave Reiber CRL/CMRP, Senior Reliability Leader,, Uptime Magazine

Organizations are looking for Leaders, who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and take a stand for Reliability.  It’s not good enough to just show up and put in your time.  We need Leaders who are committed to take a stand and make difference.  Operations, Quality, HR, Maintenance and Engineering teams need help.  The pool of skilled technicians and engineering support continues to get smaller.  We need leaders who to take action, never satisfied with the end game, but seeking where do we go next? 

The future Reliability Leader Professional:

  • Will have a strong imagination  
  • Will have a drive for solving problems
  • Will be driven to getting better at their business
  • Be required to make faster and more accurate decisions
  • Be open minded to innovation and action plans​


**Room Assignments are subject to change up to the day of event based on attendance of each class.


Day One: Tuesday September 18, 2018

Educational/Breakout Session Descriptions

**Room Assignments are subject to change up to the day of event based on attendance of each class.

Day Two: Wednesday September 19, 2018